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Hydromill Trench Cutter - Cutter System - Wikipedia source 

The hydromill trench cutter is a type of construction equipment designed to dig the narrow but deep trenches used in the casting of slurry walls. Typically, it is a cutter attachment mounted on a crawler crane base machine, with different types of hose handling systems. The machine excavates by cutting the soil using two cutting wheels, while a powerful pump extracts the loose material mixed with some of the slurry, typically bentonite. 

Machine components

The hydromill, also known as hydraulic cutter, basically consists of: 

  1. Base machine, usually a crawler crane, of adequate capacity 
  2. Hose handling system, for both hydraulic and slurry hoses, these systems can vary between hose tension, or hose drum 
  3. Hydraulic cutter, which typically consists of two cutting wheels, a slurry pump, and flaps to control its direction in case of deviation 

Usually, there are two sets of hoses, one for hydraulic oil, and another for extraction of slurry from the diaphragm wall. 

Cutter wheels 

Hydraulic cutter have a standard length of 2800 mm, with various width, varying from 600 mm up to 2500 mm. Cutting wheel teeth depend mainly on the type of soil intended to be excavated.  

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